• News | 20/01/24
    Dear brothers & sisters, We can proudly announce the release of our 14th studio album - 'PRO XRISTOY' (which titles' means Before Christ-B.C.)
  • News | 04/07/23
    Greetings to all our brothers & sisters. We hail you all from Deva Sounds Studios in Athens where we are currently recording our 15th album.
  • News | 19/05/23
    Dear brothers & sisters, we are proud to announce you another OFFICIAL ROTTING CHRIST release into our more than 34 years existence!
  • News | 03/04/23
    Our dear friends, After hard work and preparations we can proudly announce our Festival appearances for this year. Look forward to seeing you all in our lovely places and until this time...Stay true and always follow your inner moonlight!
  • News | 17/03/23
    Another tour is over and we feel like sending our gratitude and respect to all the bands that we shared the stage with and of course all of you that honor us with your presence and made this event one of our most successful one in our entire career!
  • News | 13/03/23
    Thanks New York for another unforgettable experience on this tour!
  • News | 09/03/23
    Thanks U.S.A. metaheads for making this current tour in your lands a highlight of our career so far! It's Canada's turn now!
  • News | 20/02/23
    Thanks Texas' Metal community for the 4 unforgettable nights in your lands You guys amazed us with your hospitality and feedback! We promise that we will be back soon.
  • News | 13/02/23
    Dear Metal brothers & Sisters, We have the privilege to touring your lands later this month together with a great package.
  • News | 21/12/22
    Dear brothers and sisters, We proudly announce our return to Northern America for a hell of a ride. We have missed you all so look forward to seeing you in the battlefield this February together with great acts- Carach Angren- UADA- GAEREA. Until then..."We name you under our cult"
  • News | 15/12/22
    Dear brothers & sisters, We picked up with respect and care all the rare songs we have released during our 33 years existence and we present them in a compilation release under the name ' THE APOCRYPHAL SPELLS' which will be out soon in physical copy into 2023.
  • News | 28/03/22
    Dear brothers & sisters, We would like to inform you that our frontman Sakis Tolis has just released exclusively via his socials his first solo album "Among the Fires of Hell".