new album out

tour dates

2/8 Pol' And Rock Festival POLAND - Czaplinek
3/8 Full Rewind Open Air GERMANY - Löbnitz
4/8 Sylak Open Air FRANCE - Saint Maurice De Gourdans
9/8 Bloodstock Festival ENGLAND - Walton On Trend
10/8 Metal Fields Festival AUSTRIA - Wiesen
16/8 Summer Breeze GERMANY - Dinkelsbuhl
17/8 Rock The Lakes SWITZERLAND - Lake Morat Vallamand
18/8 Motorcultor Festival FRANCE - Carhaix
24/8 Milagre Metaleiro Open Air PORTUGAL - Pindelo Dos Milagres
30/8 International Tattoo Festival GERMANY - Hamburg
News | 06/06/2024
Dear brothers and sisters, we celebrate our more than 35 years of existence in the Metal scene with a special open air show in our hometown together with the comrades from the old glorious days VARATHRON!
News | 30/05/2024
Dear Metal brothers & sisters, We can proudly announce our celebration of 35 years of existence as well as the release of our new album ‘Pro Xristou’ with some special shows in European soils too!