• News | 15/06/2018 15:55
    Dear brothers, We are back in Europe touring with one of the most Unholy hordes out there! (Watain & Profanatica)
  • News | 01/06/2018 10:50
    Brothers we salute you and... We present you the first official Rotting Christ Craft Beer made in collaboration with the multi awarded Dark Crops Brewery.
  • News | 17/05/2018 14:50
    The first ever book written for the story of ROTTING CHRIST is a reality! Our hails to Cult Never Dies for the honor!
  • News | 18/04/2018 22:14
    To all friends that worried about our condition after the recent adventure we had with our arrest we would like to inform them that we are back home safe and in one piece.
  • News | 01/03/2018 17:41
    Dear friends, We present you our first ever official Best Of compilation-"Their Greatest Spells".Enjoy a little taste of our 30 years trip into our precious music.

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