We reveal you our participation in Metal Festivals into 2017.We are excited from the massive response and we look forward to seeing you all in one of the following Rituals:

18 Mar 2017-Hellenic Darkness Festival-Prague-(CZECHIA)

20 Mar-Winter Days Of Metal-Bohinjska Bistrica-(SLOVENIA)

29 Apr 2017-Southern Storm Festival-Catania (ITALY)

3 June 2017-Wave Gothic Treffen-Leipzig-(GERMANY)

10 Jun 2017-Chronical Moshers Open Air-Hauptmannsgrün-(GERMANY)

16 Jun 2017-Grasspop Metal Meeting-Dessel-(BELGIUM)

23 June 2017-With Full Force-Ferropolis-(GERMANY)

24 June 2017-Tons Of Rock-Oslo-(NORWAY)

14 Jul 2017-Rockmaraton-Dunauyvaros (HUNGARY)

29 Jul 2017-Viseu Rockfest Open air-(PORTUGAL)

5 Aug 2017-SaariHelvetti Festival-Tampere-(FINLAND)

10 Aug 2017-Metal On The Hill- Graz- (AUSTRIA)

12 Aug 2017-Brutal Assault-Jeromer-(CZECH REPUBLIC)

18 Aug 2017-Sabbaton Open Air-Lugnet,Falun-(SWEDEN)

22 Sep 2017-Iberian Warriors-Zaragoza-(SPAIN)

6 Oct 2017-MammothFest-Brighton-(ENGLAND)