Due to a critical and immediate family emergency, BELPHEGOR have been forced to cancel their planned headlining North American “Voices From The Dark” tour with ROTTINGCHRIST, BEHEADED, and SVART CROWN, which was scheduled to launch September 24th in NYC.

BELPHEGOR frontman & guitarist Helmuth Lehner has issued the following statement:

“After fighting many months now (the last 4 months have been terrible), my mother is at the end. Her body is decaying more and more and will not survive the next weeks (maybe days) or will fall in coma soon. I will not risk being away at this time.”

As ROTTING CHRIST we have no other choice than supporting Helmuth’s family situation and to express simoultaneously our deep disappointement with the fact that we will not meet our Northern American Metal brothers as we promised them with this tour.

We promise though that we will work our asses off to be back in your land ASAP so stay tuned for updates.