Look forward to seeing all our brothers & sisters into 2020 in one of the following great Festivals around the globe.It seems another busy year is ahead .With faith,will and respect to our roots we are ready for the spirit transmission.NON SERVIAM!

30 Apr 2020-Karmoygeddon Festival-Kopervik-(NORWAY)

23 May 2020-Manor Fest-Keighley-(ENGLAND)

18 Jun 2020-Nummirock Festival-Nummijarvi-(FINLAND)

19 Jun 2020-Hellfest-Clisson-(FRANCE)

26 Jun 2020-BasinFire Fest-Spálené Poříčí-(CZECHIA)

27 Jun 2020-With Full Force Festival-Feropolis-(GERMANY)

8 Jul 2020-RockMaraton Festival- Dunaújváros-(HUNGARY)

17 Jul 2020-Long Beach Festival-(GREECE)

18 Jul 2020-New Long Fest-Nea Makri-(GREECE)

19 Jul 2020-Metal Over Russia-Moscow-(RUSSIA)

24 Jul 2020-Baden in Blut-Weil am Rein-(GERMANY)

30 Jul 2020-Wacken Open Air-Wacken-(GERMANY)

31 Jul 2020-Metal Days –Tolmin-(SLOVENIA)

1 Aug 2020-RockStadt Extrem Fest-Brasov-(ROMANIA)

4 Sep 2020-Huttikon-Meh Suff Open Air-(SWITZERLAND)

2 Oct 2020-Hard Rock fest Avelgem-Spikkerelle-(BELGIUM)

23 Oct 2020-Chaos Unity festival- (GERMANY)

6 Nov 2020-Event Metal Fest-Jönköping-(SWEDEN)

12 December 2020-Eindhoven Metal Meeting-Eindhoven-(HOLLAND)